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SMC is an accredited online college, which transforms high achievers into leaders with globally recognized qualifications. Join our international community and create a lasting impact by understanding the future and conjunction of business and technology.
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Bachelor of Business Administration

The SMC BBA degree gives you the tools to meet the labyrinth of today's complexities with confidence.

Accredited Online College

International Executive MBA

Join a cohort of leaders around the world and create sustainable networks and connections.

Accredited Online College

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest academic degree. The SMC PhD program is a research-based course that requires the completion of a dissertation on an original topic that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various available fields, including Business Administration, Political Economy, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Cybertech & Security.

DBA Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration, DBA

The Doctor of Business Administration is the ultimate business degree and defining stage of your leadership development. The DBA is a doctoral degree that focuses on applied research and practical knowledge in business management. The DBA is ideal for business leaders, executives, and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of business practices and solve real-world challenges in their organizations

Accredited Online College

Cybertech & Artificial Intelligence

The key to open, lock, preserve, protect, develop, share, expand knowledge, technology, content, innovation, rights, property, and privacy. For a better tomorrow. For a better society. For a healthy planet. For a peaceful planet. For the future. For mankind. Coming soon...

Accredited Online College

Free Online Courses

Start, switch, or advance your career with breaking into fields like Cybertech, Data Science, or Socialpreneurship.

The accredited online college with students from more than 100 different countries.
All our degrees are 100% online and globally accepted. They are flexible, affordable, and adapt to your requirements.

Why choose SMC Business School

State Accreditation & Global Recognition
SMC is a state accredited online college and business school, which you can trust. Our degrees are globally accepted, and you can transfer your credits to other colleges and universities.
Pioneer in Distance & eLearning
SMC has been offering online education degree programs and courses for over 20 years.
SMC business school attracts and welcomes students from all backgrounds, cultures, orientation, and status.
SMC is affordable
SMC tuition fees are much more affordable compared to other leading European higher education institutions, thus providing increased value, accessibility, and flexibility.
All SMC programs and courses are 100% online, fully flexible, and adapt to your needs.
Global access
All the courses are 100% remote. There is no need to attend or visit the business school in person

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