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SMC is a leading European online college, which provides Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) online business degrees by distance learning. Our accredited business school targets professionals who aim to achieve the highest level of competence and reputation. All our online business degrees are flexible, globally recognized, and provide utmost quality and personal attention. Our distance learning programs are designed to fit your life, goals, and finances.

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A strong foundation for career-oriented game changers

The Bachelor of Business Administration online BBA degree is a focused degree program delivered entirely online (eLearning), which develops a thorough understanding of business and entrepreneurship. Delivered via eLearning, it is ideal for candidates with practical experience who want to obtain a high-value academic qualification.

A senior level qualification for global networkers

The International Executive MBA focuses on real-world, real-time practical business content. The program is provided online via eLearning and is designed to help aspiring managers and entrepreneurs understand the nuances of the various disciplines of business management, with a special focus on mastering the skill to adapt concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques in times of change.

The highest academic qualification

A PhD is the most advanced degree in academia. The SMC Doctor of Philosophy online PhD degree program offers a range of specializations and research fields in such different disciplines including Business Administration, Political Economy, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Law, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cybertech, and Cyber Security.

The ultimate business degree

The Doctor of Business Administration online DBA degree is the most advanced business degree. This thoughtfully designed program is delivered 100% online via distance learning and is perfect for students working in advanced corporate positions or entrepreneurial environment seeking fundamental academic and practical development on business interests and socio-economic ideas, as well as flexibility to align with their busy schedules.

Diploma in Business Studies

These programs are targeted at individuals who wish to obtain a foundation in Business Administration. They can also be followed as a bridging programs in order to complete the necessary ECTS to qualify for admission into a Master (Level 7) program. Delivered via eLearning, it is ideal for candidates with practical experience who want to obtain a recognized academic qualification.

SMC Business School is one of the leading online business schools in Europe. SMC offers a variety of programs in fields such as management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. You can study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, and benefit from the guidance of experienced faculty and mentors. SMC also has a strong network of alumni and partners, who can provide you with valuable opportunities and connections. Whether you want to start your own business, advance your career, or pursue academic excellence, SMC can help you reach your full potential.