Scholarships & Financial Aid

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SMC is dedicated to ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds and global origins can afford an education without financial barriers.

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Embarking on a higher education journey represents a significant commitment of time and resources. Obtaining a degree from an esteemed institution like SMC can amplify the value of this investment, opening doors to a world of boundless possibilities on a global scale.

The SMC Financial Aid Office is committed to guiding students through the journey of securing appropriate financial support for their educational pursuits. We engage with both potential and admitted candidates, and we remain a resource for advice on managing tuition throughout our programs. Our goal is to ensure that our students are well-informed and supported financially from the moment they consider attending, throughout their studies, and as they transition into and within their professional lives.

Tuition Information

Detailed tuition fee information can be found within each program’s overview page. Please browse to your preferred program and carefully review the section “Tuition Fee Options“. 

There you will find several options including flexible payment schedules, as well as a discounted advance payment option. If you require financial aid, please review the information below. Should you qualify for financial support, please follow our instructions and apply for scholarship below.

Types of financial aid and scholarships


SMC Scholarships only apply for degree programs of Signum Magnum College. SMC does not provide scholarships for other higher education institutions. You must be an accepted applicant at SMC to be eligible to apply for scholarship.

Financial support is available throughout all SMC degree programs. All forms of financial aid and scholarships are provided in non-cash subsidies, which are deductible from your tuition in case of acceptance and admission.

The following scholarships are available, specifying the extent of financial support and availability per term:

Steps towards obtaining financial support



Qualification Criteria: you may qualify for financial assistance if you meet at least one of the following criteria:


  • "Merit-based Scholarship": SMC rewards exceptional academic merits (GPA 4.0), awards, and honors, as well as professional honors and awards
  • "Need-based Scholarship": SMC provides financial assistance to applicants who face challenges of securing funding for their degree program due to long-term-unemployment, poor income, inability to work, and health challenges.
  • "Veteran Scholarship": SMC provides financial assistance to military veterans and service men/women.
  • "Alumnus Scholarship": SMC provides scholarships to SMC graduates (max. 5,000 Euro)
  • "Ambassador Scholarship": SMC provides scholarships to special supporters and endorsers of the institution.

Personal statement

Prepare your personal statement including the following information:


  • reasons for applying for financial support: are you applying for a merit-, or need-based scholarship?
  • supporting information: explain your situation in accordance with your choice and provide a detailed and convincing reason why you should qualify for financial assistance.


The personal statement must be uploaded during the scholarship application process explained in step 3 below.


Scholarship application

After completing steps 1 & 2, proceed with the Scholarship Application below, if the following conditions are met: 


  • You must be an accepted candidate to a degree program of Signum Magnum College.
  • Our offer of admission and activation deadline for your tuition has not expired.

Afford your degree and invest in YOUR future

Empowering Dreams, Enabling Futures: The SMC Scholarship Fund is dedicated to transforming lives and communities by providing ambitious students from underrepresented backgrounds with the resources they need to pursue higher education. We can ignite limitless possibilities and build a brighter tomorrow, enabling access to our globally respected and sought-after education. Join us in creating a legacy of learning, leadership, and hope.