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Signum Magnum College is an accredited business school with learners from more than 130 different countries, providing online degree programs with unsurpassed academic excellence, content leadership, relevance via state-of-the-art technology. Lead by a world-class faculty and administration, SMC tackles some of the world‘s biggest challenges with economic value creation, improving of best-practices, and sustainability to build a better future for all. SMC targets working professionals from all parts of the world who seek flexibility to study at any time from any place at their own pace. We possess a wealth of experience in the field of more than 30 years. Our expertise builds the foundation for SMC’s innovative, credible, student- and service-oriented quality assurance framework. Consequently, SMC is state-licensed in the European Union to run higher online education programs with the power to issue internationally recognized online BBA, online MBA, online DBA, and online PhD degrees:

Highest personal attention

Education at SMC comes with the highest quality academic content, live online lectures, a state-of-the-art learning management system, and all the convenience, personalization, and individual development a student in the 21st Century should expect. Rather than settling on becoming yet another provider of online education, SMC strives to be a global digital campus where students, educators, the business community, and life-long learners can collaborate to exchange and grow ideas. Furthermore, SMC provides corporations and organizations with eLearning technology, customized content production services, as well as the relevant systems and processes.

Diverse and inclusive to the core

SMC boasts of a student body that is truly diverse and international with learners from more than 100 different countries. We support the learning needs of talents from all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs that are founded on tolerance, respect, and dialog.

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