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Online Business Degrees

Flexible distance learning programs overview


Bachelor of Business Administration

The SMC BBA degree gives you the tools to meet the labyrinth of today's complexities with confidence.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA Program

Join a cohort of leaders around the world and create sustainable networks and connections.

Online Business Degrees

DBA Program

SMC's Doctor of Business Administration is the ultimate business degree and defining stage of your leadership development. Our DBA is a doctoral degree that focuses on applied research and practical knowledge in business management. The DBA is ideal for business leaders, executives, and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of business practices and solve real-world challenges in their organizations

Online Business Degrees

PhD Program

SMC's Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the ultimate academic degree. Our PhD program is a research-based course that requires the completion of a dissertation on an original topic that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various available fields, including Business Administration, Political Economy, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Cybertech & Security.

Online Business Courses


Cybertech & Artificial Intelligence

The key to open, lock, preserve, protect, develop, share, expand knowledge, technology, content, innovation, rights, property, and privacy.


Top-up Programs

Top-up your undergraduate studies and general education with 60 ECTS or 120 ECTS towards your Bachelor.

SMC Campus Malta

State-Accredited Business School
SMC is a state-recognized higher education institution in the European Union. We provide a world-class education that combines quality, innovation, and flexibility. Our degree programs are fully accredited and meet the high standards of the official State Accreditation.

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Signum Magnum College

degrees are globally recognized
SMC is a state accredited online college that you can trust. Transfer your credits to universities internationally.
programs are globally accessible
SMC online education programs can be accessed from any place around the world , around the clock.
students obtain best support
SMC provides the highest level of service and attention you can wish for - fast and solution-oriented.
students gain real-world expertise
Our courses are brought to you by global experts, providing real-word pespectives and experiences.
programs are utmost flexible
Pursue your higher education with a maximum of flexibility, adapted to your personal and professional requirements.
programs are affordable
SMC's tuition fees are significantly more affordable and flexible compared to other higher education institutions.
offers great career opportunities
SMC maintains a top international network of corporate relations and placement for its graduates.
provides the skills of the future
SMC's courses and higher education programs teach you relevant, sought-after, and future-proof skills.

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Whether you want to advance your career, pursue your passion, or fulfill your personal goals, SMC as a globally trusted higher education institution can help you achieve them. Explore our accredited business administration degrees or browse directly to our BBA Degree, MBA Degree, DBA Degree, or PhD Degree. To ensure the highes quality in education, SMC applies internal and external quality assurance. Signum Magnum College is governed by and affilitated with education authorities and strongholds on a local, regional, and international scale.