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SMC Business School is a government-accredited Higher Education Institution in the heart of Europe. We equip global learners with the mindset and tools to be successful in their domain. Take a short course in order to update a skill. Join the Executive MBA for your next career step. And if you want to achieve significance, then aim for a Doctorate degree. Our DBA is challenging, but it is the ultimate business degree. Click here to learn more.

Distance Learning Programs

SMC is a truly international business school with learners from more that 130 different countries. Our distance learning programs deliver what is expected from one of Europe’s best business schools – the development, manifestation, and sustaining of a great career. Global events like COVID 19 force learners around the world to further develop via online education.

Trust the pioneers in online higher education. Experience matters. Trust SMC.

Degree Programs

Our online degree programs are the best choice if you seek uncompromising recognition, service quality, and flexibility. Designed for the working professional, our Bachelor, Executive Master, and Doctorate programs connect you with highly ranked professionals and academicians around the world. These programs are government accredited and internationally recognized in Academia, Industry, Government, and non-profit sector.

Diploma Programs

Our diploma programs are compact outtakes of our flagship degree programs. These graduate and post-graduate courses offer you a foundation in Business Administration, Management and Leadership, as well as the much-needed skills in critical applications like finance, marketing, and accounting. Our Certificates and Diplomas are government accredited. You may transfer these ECTS credits to higher education programs around the world.

Joint Programs

We offer a variety of joint Master and PhD degree programs in cooperation with our academic partner UCN, which is one of the leading universities in the Americas. Operated by our academic center in Switzerland, these programs deliver true Swiss quality education and students enjoy unsurpassed support and attention. Upon successful completion, graduates receive a degree from UCN. The University is government accredited and internationally recognized.

From Great to Significant

Within weeks the world has changed. Our lives have been changing. Circumstances not seeming possible a few months ago are now a reality. Perspectives of individuals and organizations are obscured. No-one has prepared the world for this.

Online education is more important than ever. Social distancing is changing the way we learn. SMC has been changing the way we learn for 20 years. Let’s change the next 20 years together.

Building Adaptive Enterprises

No organization is limited. True Greatness is a mindset.

SMC helps organizations to transform into a disruptive, talent-oriented powerhouse capable to adapt towards challenges and opportunities, always on top of its game. We support for-profit-, non-profit-, and education institutions on their path to significance.

Global and Yet Nearby. An Efficient Network

SMC’s student body consists of high achievers from and in more than 130 different countries. SMC’s international faculty boasts of vast academic- and professional experience, service orientation, and attentiveness. Your gateway to extensive know-how and best practices.



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Why Choose SMC?

SMC is government accredited and internationally recognized

SMC is affordable. Our tuition fees are below average in comparison to other leading European institutions

SMC is an eLearning pioneer. We have been offering online education for over 20 years

All SMC programs and courses are 100% online and fully flexible

SMC is diverse. We attract and welcome students from all backgrounds, cultures, orientation, and status

All the courses are 100% remote. There is no need to attentd or visit any institutions in person.


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