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All of SMC’s Education is accessible to the world. Get your dream job, start a crazy project, or simply learn a new skill. SMC equips you with the necessary tools. We provide top online university courses and internationally recognized degrees to working professionals world-wide. Join our global community of successful game changers and experience the advantage of private quality education: more efficient, more connected, more respected. Contact us and learn about Europe’s finest online business school.

Online Degree Programs for the Best Minds in Business

Achieve the highest academic and professional merit with an accredited and internationally recognized degree from the heart of Europe. Our programs are affordable and fully flexible. You may study at your convenience from any place in the world.

Accelerated Programs for Professional

Accelerated Professional BBA

Fast, innovative, and high in demand. This accelerated general management program targets Professionals who want to get a thorough understanding of business in its manifold aspects. Learn from leading companies in the world, including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more.

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Accelerated Professional MBA

The most innovative, accelerated management program from top Professionals for PROfessionals. Learn from the best minds in business. Be inspired by leading companies and institutions in the world, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Stanford University, just to name a few.

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Trending Specializations for Your Dream Profession

Enhance your degree program with a specialization and electives, which develop you into a recognized expert in sought-after fields. Access unique career opportunities in emerging multi-billion Dollar industries. Specializations add on to your degree of choice and show up on your transcript. Available in multiple languages.

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One-stop Hub for Your Career Development

SMC has global partnerships to extend our higher education programs with cutting edge online courses and specializations. This combination is unique. Earn real credentials for completing courses and specializations.

SMC Trainer Network

Build Your Coaching Business

Join our esteemed global network of Management- and Personal Development Trainers. SMC supports experienced facilitators who want to explore new opportunities. Expand your client base around the world. We provide all the content, tools, and systems you ever need to conduct the very best online trainings as a turn-key service. 

Developing your own content and building the infrastructure required to win and service your clients is time consuming, sophisticated, and very expensive. The SMC Trainer Network is the perfect solution to overcome these obstacles and enter the online coaching market instantly.

Why Choose SMC?

SMC is government accredited and internationally recognized

SMC is affordable. Our tuition fees are below average in comparison to other leading European institutions

SMC is an eLearning pioneer. We have been offering online education for over 20 years

All SMC programs and courses are 100% online and fully flexible

SMC is diverse. We attract and welcome students from all backgrounds, cultures, orientation, and status

All the courses are 100% remote. There is no need to attend or visit any institutions in person.