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Signum Magnum College is a state-recognized higher education institution in the European Union. The business school is part of SMC Education Group in Vienna, Austria, one of the world’s leading online and distance learning providers recognized for unsurpassed quality, innovation, and student support. We provide a world-class education that combines quality, innovation, and flexibility. Our degree programs are fully accredited and meet the high standards of the official government accreditation. SMC’s accredited degrees are recognized world-wide.

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Why students love SMC's online business school

Signum Magnum College

Degrees are globally recognized
SMC is a state accredited online college that you can trust. Transfer your credits to universities internationally.
Programs are globally accessible
SMC online education programs can be accessed from any place around the world , around the clock.
Students obtain best support
SMC provides the highest level of service and attention you can wish for - fast and solution-oriented.
Students gain real-world expertise
Our courses are brought to you by global experts, providing real-word perspectives and experiences.
Programs are utmost flexible
Pursue your higher education with a maximum of flexibility, adapted to your personal and professional requirements.
Programs are affordable
SMC's tuition fees are significantly more affordable and flexible compared to other higher education institutions.
Offers great career opportunities
SMC maintains a top international network of corporate relations and placement for its graduates.
Provides the skills of the future
SMC's courses and higher education programs teach you relevant, sought-after, and future-proof skills.

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Online Business Degrees

Flexible online degree programs overview

Learn more about our online business school and find the perfect online degree program for you.


Bachelor of Business Administration

The SMC BBA degree gives you the tools to meet the labyrinth of today's complexities with confidence. This undergraduate degree will develop your understanding of business, and is ideal for practicing professionals who seek to gain an academic qualification.

Executive MBA

Executive Master of Business Administration

Join a cohort of leaders around the world and create sustainable networks and connections with this online business degree. Business Master's degrees are ideal for those looking to take the next step in their career path.

Online Business Degrees

Doctor of Business Administration

SMC's Doctor of Business Administration is the ultimate business degree and defining stage of your leadership development. Our DBA is a doctoral degree that focuses on applied research and practical knowledge in business management. The DBA is ideal for business leaders, executives, and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of business practices and solve real-world challenges in their organizations. From topics such as human resource management to project management, you'll be able to refine an advanced understanding of the business world.

Online Business Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

SMC's Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the ultimate academic degree. Our PhD program is a research-based course that requires the completion of a dissertation on an original topic that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in various available fields, including Business Administration, Political Economy, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Cybertech & Security.

Online Business Programs


Cybertech & Artificial Intelligence

The key to open, lock, preserve, protect, develop, share, expand knowledge, technology, content, innovation, rights, property, and privacy.


Top-up Programs

Top-up your undergraduate studies and general education with 60 ECTS or 120 ECTS towards your Bachelor.

How to apply

Each of our online programs has its distinct application criteria and procedure outlined on the respective pages. While our online doctoral programs have extended criteria, here are some general application steps that you can follow:

Carefully review the admission criteria and information about tuition.
The first step towards a successful application for admission onto one of our online courses is to carefully review the admission criteria and tuition options of the program you wish to join. You can find this information on your preferred program’s overview page. If you require financial assistance, please carefully read the information in the according menu.
Step 1
Prepare your documents and essay
In alignment with the admission criteria, prepare and have all required documents ready for upload during the application process, including your CV, your secondary school-leaving certificate and transcript, your higher education degrees and transcripts, as well as a valid identification or passport copy. Furthermore, prepare 2 short essays: (1) Your past achievements and life-changing experiences, and (2) Your career aspirations and how will your education at SMC help you achieve your objectives.
Step 2
Fill out and submit the application form
Visit our Application Portal and choose the application form of your program of choice. Fill out all requested information, upload all requested documents, choose your preferred tuition option, and submit
Step 3
Initial review
The SMC Admissions Committee will assess your application upon receipt. Reviews are conducted on a monthly basis.
Step 4
Final decision
If your application is accepted, you will receive an invitation for admission. In some cases the Admissions Committee will invite you for a virtual interview. Upon receipt of our invitation for admission, you are given 2 weeks to accept our admission conditions, which include the acceptance and signing of the student contract, as well as payment of your tuition (deposit) as per your preferred tuition option.
Step 5

Start making an impact today

What support do students receive?

We know that enrolling in online business schools can seem as though it would be isolating, however students enrolled in our online business degrees have access to a variety of student support services designed to enhance their educational experience and success.

Academic Advising and Mentoring
Dedicated academic advisors and mentors help guide students through their coursework, research, and thesis/dissertation processes. This includes helping with selection, career advice, and connecting students with faculty and resources.
Technical Support
Students receive timely technical support through the SMC technical help desk to assist with any technical issues related to accessing their account, course materials, submitting assignments, or participating in online meetings and discussions.
Library Resources
SMC students have access to digital libraries, including e-books, journals, and databases.
Tutoring and Writing Assistance
SMC offers online tutoring and educational services to help students understand course material and improve their skills in specific areas.
Career Services
SMC provides career counseling and services such as resume reviews, interview preparation, networking opportunities, and job placement assistance. This is ideal for those students coming to the end of their online program, whether it's an online bachelor's degree or a PhD program.
Counseling and Wellness Services
Emotional and mental health support is provided through special training and virtual seminars.
Financial Assistance
SMC provides financial assistance to help students in their financial management of tuition costs, get access to scholarships, grants, and loan options.
Community and Peer Networks
SMC fosters a sense of community through online meetings, forums, and the SMC DIGITAL CAMPUS, where students can connect, share experiences, and support each other, as well as receive important updates and announcements.
Orientation and Onboarding Programs
To help students acclimate to the online learning environment, SMC provides on-demand orientations that cover how to navigate online platforms, understand our academic policies, and make the most of available resources available to them while completing online degrees with SMC.
Faculty profiles
Dr. Ivan Jankovic
Dr. Ivan Jankovic, an esteemed economics professor, has made significant contributions to the field with his three authored books and twenty scholarly articles in the realms of Austrian Economics, Public Choice, and Classical Liberal Theory. His areas of expertise are diverse, encompassing the Austrian perspective on competition and corporate dynamics, industrial organization, the intricacies of business cycle theories, and the methodologies employed in social sciences. Dr. Jankovic's unique approach to free market economics is enriched by his Eastern European heritage and his personal encounters with various socialist systems, which have accentuated the pivotal concepts of Austrian economics. In his current role, Dr. Jankovic is dedicated to mentoring the upcoming cadre of economists in the rich traditions of the Austrian school, while also overseeing the doctoral program at Signum Magnum College in collaboration with fellow Austrian scholars who guide the doctoral candidates' research endeavors.
Faculty profiles
Dr. Walter Kurz, MBA, MSc
Research focuses on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into business frameworks, emphasizing strategic and structural transformations, including the legal aspects of business AI integration. Explores how AI can be seamlessly incorporated into business models, strategies, and objectives, and assesses its impact on organizational structures. Also focuses on the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) systems in business models. Master’s thesis in Business Administration explored customer loyalty and city marketing. Dissertation examined the application of viable systems theory to organizational innovation, while the MBA emphasized systematic change management. Born in Austria, works internationally, and speaks German and English.

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