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SMC Business School is the world’s first membership based Higher Education Institution. We define education as a service, because everyone must have the right to learn and develop without limits. Therefore SMC equips global learners with the mindset and tools to be successful in their domain without charging Tuition. Our members enjoy all-inclusive unlimited access to our degree programs, as well as top courses, specializations, and professional certificates from the world’s leading companies and universities.

Explore Degree Programs, Topics, and Skills

SMC provides a wide variety of Management Development opportunities and solutions ranging from Degree Programs to Professional Certificates, Specializations, and Skills. Click on your subject of interest and start designing your perfect career path.

Circle Club

Join our exclusive Circle Club, your career hub for certification from the world’s leading institutions and organizations like Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel, and many more.

Members enjoy access to the planet’s best courses and certificates in the fields of Business, Leadership, Law, IT, Technology, Art, just to name a few. Furthermore, members get substantial discounts and financing options to SMC’s higher education programs.

Why Choose SMC?

SMC is government accredited and internationally recognized

SMC is affordable. Our tuition fees are below average in comparison to other leading European institutions

SMC is an eLearning pioneer. We have been offering online education for over 20 years

All SMC programs and courses are 100% online and fully flexible

SMC is diverse. We attract and welcome students from all backgrounds, cultures, orientation, and status

All the courses are 100% remote. There is no need to attentd or visit any institutions in person.