International Executive MBA

Provided online via distance learning
Program Overview

The International Executive Master of Business Administration (IEMBA) integrates the concepts and information of the various business and management disciplines and delivers through a blend of academic content and practical application. Individual courses focus on understanding external market forces, the business operations and leadership skills needed to address these, and the development of appropriate strategies required for business success. A practically-oriented, thesis research project at the end of the program, allows the student to synthesize the knowledge acquired throughout the program.

Building on a student’s prior business education and experience, the IEMBA sharpens the mastery of the various business and management disciplines and explores how these are interlinked to create value in a global market.

This program is ideal for working professionals in leadership roles, regardless if they are employed or running their own business. It will equip them with a deeper understanding of the many diverse business activities needed to create value and train the leadership competencies they will need to steer organizational resources more effectively. The general nature of the program will give learners a wide range of tools and techniques for transforming ideas and talents into sustained business success.

Program Structure

The program is structured as a flexible distance learning program, which can be followed either part-time or full-time, targeted at working professionals. It is conducted entirely online in a cohort mode. Regular online-meetings are held in the evenings to align with the work schedules of our participants. Physical attendance is not required.

The minimum duration as mentioned in the Key Facts reflects a full-time study approach. Full-time is defined in such way, that students follow all courses in the given sequence as per the ongoing calendar. Each new course starts every two months, except July (Summer Break). Students choose to follow the program part-time and skip a course or courses in order to align with their personal and professional commitments. Part-time students will subsequently pursue skipped courses once offered on the calendar.

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Program Name: International Executive MBA

Program Category: Higher Education Program

Program Level: EQF / MQF Level 7

Total ECTS Credits: 90

Total Program Learning Hours: 2250

Total Learning Hours per Module: 125

Language of Instruction: English

Mode of Instruction: Online via Distance Learning

Mode of Teaching: Lectures, workshop, placement, asynchronous forums, VLE, etc.

Mode of Assessment: Examination, assignment, project, reflective diary/blog, etc.

Live Online Classes: yes

Physical Presence: no

Degree Awarding Body: SMC Education Group

Accreditation & License: Accredited by MFHEA

License Number: 2019-014

Program Objectives


  • Provide students with a broad foundation of education in the main management disciplines that is strategic and integrated in nature
  • Develop understanding of the theoretical concepts and technical skills relevant to management decision-making
  • Develop critical, analytical and consultancy skills
  • Provide a means of reflection on their professional practice and of professional development, in preparation for assuming strategic roles in international organizations
  • Provide and instill knowledge to launch your own business and expand it into other markets means of reflection on their professional practice and of professional development, in preparation for assuming strategic roles in international organizations
  • Instill knowledge to launch your own business and expand it into other markets

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse typical business situations within international business organisations, their management and the changing external context in an integrated way
  • Critically appraise key long-term business drivers as a basis for strategy development using critical reflection skills and engagement with organisation and professional theory
  • Add value to an organisation by enhancing individual and organisational efficiency and effectivity
  • Engage in individual research on typical business issues and challenges in a professional way and demonstrate the ability to understand ethical and social issues and apply management theory
  • Systematically and creatively apply an advanced body of business knowledge to both structured and unstructured real-life situations
  • Integrate academic knowledge of various disciplines and apply to business challenges in an international context assuming a leadership role
  • Apply enhanced interpersonal and team working skills to participate professionally in a global business community
  • Evaluate legal compliance, ethical concerns of stakeholders, and social responsibility in terms of their impact on the conduct of business

Learning Outcomes for Communication Skills

  • Articulate complex business information, situations and scenarios based on critical and ethical awareness
  • Adapt to different specialist and non-specialist audiences, environments and reception
  • Effectively communicate ideas and arguments orally and in written form to specialists and non-specialists audiences
  • Relate to diverse audiences, their dynamics and create factual or emotional bonding as needed

Learning Outcomes for Learning to Learn Skills

  • Develop, demonstrate, and act upon the awareness of one’s own knowledge, skills, abilities, personality and motivations, in relation to career development or professional challenges
  • Assess the personal learning progress and identify strengths, limitations, and opportunities for development
  • Contextualise, analyse and learn from experience or simulated environments on contemporary developments and research
Admission Process

Target Group

Students undertaking the IEMBA are mature adults who have been managers at various organizational levels.

The IEMBA has been devised as a general management executive program designed for professionals who are looking to change their careers, enhance and develop their knowledge and skills for more senior positions in organizations or consider starting their own businesses in an international context.

Admission at SMC sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation.

Entry Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution (min. GPA 3.0)
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in middle management or higher
  • High quality personal statement

Required Documents

  • A completed online application.
  • Undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized academic institution. You are requested to upload a scan of your diploma together with the online application form.
  • Official transcript of your undergraduate degree program. You are requested to upload a scanned copy of your official transcript together with the online application form.
  • Proof of minimum of 3 years relevant work experience
  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
Course Descriptions