Doctorate of Business Administration

Provided online via distance learning

Program Overview

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program exposes the learner to cutting
edge business and management concepts and theory as they apply these to real-world
business problems. The students enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills
while contributing to the body of professional business knowledge through their own
research project (i.e., the dissertation).

Our DBA balances the rigor of academic research, with the practical focus of working professionals.
Dissertation topics are applied in nature, i.e., the student will focus their research to solving
real issues confronting their organization.

This program is designed for individuals with significant business experience who strive
to increase their stature in the business community, either through the pursuit of executive
leadership positions or applied business research employments. Certain academic career
options are also open.

Program Objectives

  • Providing relevant business knowledge and advanced tools for critical assessment
    and application to experienced business professionals.
  • Offering opportunities for significant personal development. In the duration of the
    program, participants will be able to achieve increased professional efficiency.
  • Providing relevant opportunities to examine and study epistemologies and methodologies
    in the field of management and business research.
  • Encouraging and helping professionals to perform substantial focused research on
    a consistent basis so as to create fresh knowledge that can be easily applied in
    their specific field.
  • Providing opportunities to research associates for integrating theoretical knowledge
    and practical application by performing research that produces fruitful results for
    professionals in business management and related fields.

Program Requirements

SMC focuses on helping you become an exceptional leader in your profession. This means
that every course we offer is designed with enterprise, leadership, and your success in mind.

  • A completed online application.
  • Official Transcripts from your most recent undergraduate and graduate universities.
    To initiate the application process, a scanned transcript must be uploaded with your
    online application. If the transcript is not in English it must be translated by a
    certified translation service.
  • Certified graduate and undergraduate degree diplomas in case the transcripts do not
    show the date of graduation or degrees conferred.
  • Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL: paper min. 550, iBT min. 71, IELTS 6.0, other).
    Not needed for students graduating from an English-speaking school.
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Minimum four years’ relevant work experience in an executive/ leadership/ managerial position
  • 3 Names and contact details of references (past professors, employers, etc.)
  • Transfer students: a maximum of a half of the course credits may be transferred from
    another accredited university. The Registrar’s Office of SMC Business School will assess
    the acceptability of the requested transfer-of-credit based on the submitted transcripts
    and the feedback from the relevant SMC Department Head. Cases are reviewed individually.
    In some instances, the reviewers may request course syllabi and other course materials or
    test the competency of the student.

Tuition Fees

Option 1

Single Payment



The tuition can be settled via online payment or by bank transfer.

  • Significant savings when choosing the single payment option
  • Allowances are granted to those affected by Covid 19, unemployment,
    financial, and health-related challenges

Option 2

Installment Plan



The tuition can be settled via online payment or by bank transfer in three annual payments

  • Settle €5,500 every 12 months (three times)
  • Allowances are granted to those affected by Covid 19, unemployment,
    financial- and health related challenges.

Course Outline & Sequence