Corporate Security

Provided online via distance learning
Program Overview

The Accelerated Online Bachelor CS program provides students with a knowledge and understanding of the wide field of Corporate Security and gives insights into strategic management procedures. An employee responsible for corporate security is faced with a number of challenges, such as industrial espionage, IT-attacks, protection of physical & intellectual property and the physical security of the organization’s employees.

By discussing a wide range of theoretical and practical approaches, students of this course will be familiarized, amongst others, with the concepts of business continuity planning, corporate intelligence and forensics, risk management, security engineering, protecting IT systems and networks, security engineering, protection of intellectual property, supply chain security and critical infrastructure protection. Graduates of this program may advance into SMC’s online MBA program.


The curriculum is a-la-carte. It’s portfolio of courses serves as the basis for establishing an individual academic plan, which is aligned with your previous academic credentials and professional experience. You will receive credits in all the fields where you can prove evident formalized knowledge, skill, and competence. In fields with related business experience, you will pursue the final exams only. The remaining courses will be pursued as normal.

Masterclass Outline & Sequence