Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Marketing)

Provided online via distance learning
Program Overview

The SMC Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Marketing) develops a thorough understanding of the most relevant business and management concepts, skills and competencies, with attention given to their real-world application. Covering numerous sub-disciplines, the program provides a comprehensive and holistic overview showing the student how all the parts interact to create value for businesses, customers and the society at large. Its special focus on marketing in the 21st Century, adds an additional unique differentiator to the degree, increasing the graduates’ marketability.

This program is designed for individuals who are either entering the job market or who currently hold junior positions. Given the broad scope of a BBA, the degree provides the necessary foundation for a career in business and management. It is also suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs wishing to gain a better understanding of the various disciplines involved in running their business.

Program Structure

The program is structured as a flexible distance learning program, which can be followed either part-time or full-time, targeted at young aspiring professionals. It is conducted entirely online in a cohort mode. Regular online-meetings are held in the evenings to align with the work schedules of our participants. Physical attendance is not required.

The minimum duration as mentioned in the Key Facts reflects a full-time study approach. Full-time is defined in such way, that students follow all courses in the given sequence as per the ongoing calendar. Each new course starts every two months, except July (Summer Break). Students choose to follow the program part-time and skip a course or courses in order to align with their personal and professional commitments. Part-time students will subsequently pursue skipped courses once offered on the calendar.

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Program Name: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Marketing)

Program Category: Higher Education Program

Program Level: EQF / MQF Level 6

Total ECTS Credits: 180

Total Program Learning Hours: 4500

Language of Instruction: English

Mode of Instruction: Online via Distance Learning

Mode of Teaching: Lectures, workshop, placement, asynchronous forums, VLE, etc.

Mode of Assessment: Examination, assignment, project, blog, etc.

Live Online Classes: yes

Physical Presence: no

Degree Awarding Body: SMC Education Group

Accreditation & License: Accredited by MFHEA

License Number: 2019-014

Program Objectives


  • To provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of key business foundation disciplines including the business environment, economics, resource management, business information systems, marketing and quantitative methods
  • To develop key skills such as critical thinking and strategic analysis
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of the principles of entrepreneurship and enterprise development
  • To equip students with the competencies and skills to become global managers
  • To prepare students for possible graduate studies and lifelong learning by developing their intellectual, practical and key (transferable) skills

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the business environment with a special focus on the dynamics of entrepreneurship, management and marketing
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key business foundation disciplines such as business environment, accounting, marketing, business information systems, organization behaviour, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of a range of activities within the key business functional areas such as marketing, human resource management and innovation management
  • Deal critically with business/management problems and issues in order to create innovative business or marketing strategies for new or existing ventures
  • Identify and select relevant sources of business data
  • Critically analyse and appraise business information
  • Deal critically with management problems and issues in order to create actionable recommendations for decision making and facilitating subsequent action
  • Use planning and analytics-driven business intelligence tools to inform key business processes within the organisation
  • Demonstrate financial literacy through reading and interpreting managerial information and other data
  • Demonstrate the ability to pick and deploy operational resources in managerial and administrative contexts within the value chain of the organisation
  • Effectively communicate information, arguments and analysis in a variety of forms to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • Make professional judgements in an organizational context that reflect on relevant social and ethical issues
  • Assume a leading role within diversely complex projects and to evaluate, appraise and manage team performance
  • Direct, monitor and assess own learning and identify key competences for self-directed achievement of the respective learning goals
  • Apply relevant transferable skills acquired within a professional workplace environment in an effective and self-driven manner

Learning Outcomes for Communication Skills

  • Formally and informally communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions in a professional manner
  • Use appropriate media and work effectively online with others using collaborative tools
  • Interact effectively within a team/learning-/professional peer environment
  • Negotiate in a professional context and manage conflict

Learning Outcomes for Learning to Learn Skills

  • Develop self-leadership strategies to enhance personal and professional effectiveness
  • Manage and direct their own learning with minimum guidance
  • Exercising initiative and personal responsibility
  • Seek, appreciate and make use of feedback and self-evaluate their own work, growth and performance
  • Demonstrate self-awareness by reflection on continuing personal and professional development

Individual Module Learning Outcomes

Admission Process

Target Group

The SMC BBA in Marketing consists of a broad range of courses designed for students who want to combine the technical and practical aspects of general management and entrepreneurship with solid and actionable expertise in the creation and execution of successful marketing strategies. The course relies on a practical blend of grounded theory, academic research and exploration of real-world business challenges.

The program has been devised for young professional adult audience. The ideal candidate has already demonstrated interest in business, management and specifically marketing throughout their secondary education and respective extra-curricular activities. The desired student audience is ambitious, curious and has already mastered early-on career challenges in either a business administration or junior management or marketing position. The programme is equally suited to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish a solid foundation prior to engaging in future venture activities.

SMC student recruitment and related marketing will target a young professional audience (age 22+) comprised of students corresponding to the above profile; targeted campaigns on “professional” social media like LinkedIn and related start-up platforms will support the targeted addressing of the desired audience.

In accordance with the SMC BBA in Marketing guidelines, access to the program is open to any individual meeting the candidate profile and the respective academic entry requirements. SMC will reject applicants that do not fit the desired course target audience even if academic requirements had been met.

Entry Requirements

  • Personal statement/motivation letter (500 Words)
  • Professional experience recommended; 2+ years of professional experience in a related field (Junior Management, Marketing associate, Junior Project Management, Junior Consultant/Analyst, etc.) mandatory when school leaving qualification does not contain sufficient evidence of exposure to relevant subjects and/or grade average is considered barely sufficient

Required Documents

  • A completed online application.
  • A secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent (e.g. Matriculation Certificate, High School Diploma, Matura, Abitur, International Baccalaureate) uploaded with the online application form.
  • Official High School transcripts showing at minimum the last two high school years leading to graduation. A scanned transcript must be uploaded with your online application. If the transcript is not in English it must be translated by a certified translation service.
  • Proof of English proficiency. Not needed for students graduating from an English-speaking school.
  • 2 names and contact details of references (e.g. student counselor, teachers, etc.).
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
Course Descriptions