Cybersecurity affects everyone. Organizations and individuals are exposed to cyberthreats constantly must understand where and what kind of vulnerabilities exist and how to meet and defeat them. Our online programs, courses, and trainings address cybersecurity, the technology behind, and its manifold aspects for seasoned professionals to your non-technical rookies.

Cybersecurity education is also essential to comprehend the main issues that policymakers have to deal with concerning the protection of data and IP. This includes both the technical side and the domestic and foreign policy topics related to governance, privacy, and risk control, as well as the ways to achieve the ambitions of a business, an institution, or a state.

SMC helps you understand the overall context, features, systems, and processes relevant to cybersecurity. We also present you the fundamentals, which are vital to comprehend the current conversations that are forming a quickly evolving security environment and sensibility.


Dual Programs in Business Administration and Cybertech

Combine a BBA Degree with our manifold Cyber-tech and AI programs. Master the principles of fulfilling regulations and gathering data about potential threats, such as network defense, responding to events, and analyzing evidence, as well as get hands-on with essential cybersecurity programs, as well as trends and best practices on Artificial Intelligence.

Cyber Analytics

Cybersecurity Analytics

Become familiar with compliance and security intelligence, such as network defense, managing incidents, and examining digital evidence. Gain hands-on practice with key cybersecurity applications.


Cybersecurity Tools & Attacks

To expand your understanding of the threats, it is important to study the types and reasons behind cyber attacks. Fundamental system principles and tools will be investigated as a primer to the Cybersecurity realm.


Managing Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a managerial problem. Learn how to identify and manage risks related to an organization's information assets. Develop policies and integrate cybersecurity into all aspects of a business’s operation.