I want to have a million followers

Provided online via distance learning
Program Overview

Join this one-of-its-kind program and take the first step towards building a million-follower community. This multi-step, brand- and personality building online program shows you how to define your purpose, refine your strategy, and grow a sustainable, profitable business. Find out how to attract a loyal and engaged community, which is attached to your content and brand.

Start to day and become an independent and successful Socialpreneur and influential Trendsetter with an easy-to-follow formula. Obtain a crystal-clear blueprint for the way out of overwhelm and discouragement, so you can get confident with the guidance you need to tap into your brilliance as an influencer.

“Because of SMC and this amazing program, I figured out how to supercharge my social media profile and presence, and master to activate and retain my followers.”

“SMC helped me get clear about my role as an entrepreneur. As a result, I’ve seen a 150% growth in my follower base in no time. Without SMC, I wouldn’t have a plan, consistency in my brand and content, and actual landing pages created generating new audiences each day. So grateful to see things paying off because of this program!”

“Because SMC is a globally recognized and acclaimed College, the quality and international network stands out.” 

During this program, you will realize the opportunities that await when it comes to spreading your message. You will move into a content-creation rhythm that gives you a much more sustainable balance to your lifestyle, while fuelling a steady income stream.