Application Developer

Provided online via distance learning
Program Overview

Analyze customer needs and design systems and solutions for the cloud.

If you like learning new technologies, and problem solving this role is for you.

As an Application Developer, you’ll build, operate and maintain applications to run on the cloud. Application Developers share many of the same tasks as software developers. You will analyze customer or user needs, design programs, write code, tests designs, and document programs. You’ll also specialize in cloud-computing tools and infrastructure to deploy and maintain applications over the internet.

Average Duration: 12 months (3 hours/week)

10 courses

Skills you’ll gain:

  • Node.Js,
  • Docker,
  • Full Stack Developer,
  • Cloud Native,
  • Devops,
  • Iaas
  • PaaS
  • Saas
  • +29 more