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Globally recognized
SMC is a state accredited online college that you can trust. Transfer your credits to universities internationally.
Globally accessible
SMC online education programs can be accessed from any place around the world , around the clock.
Top service & support
SMC provides the highest level of service and attention you can wish for - fast and solution-oriented.
Lowest risk
SMC is EU government licensed, which controls the validity of your degree and protection of your investment.
Real-world experiences
Our courses are brought to you by global experts, providing real-word pespectives and experiences.
Totally flexible
Pursue your higher education with a maximum of flexibility, adapted to your personal and professional requirements.
Totally affordable
SMC's tuition fees are significantly more affordable and flexible compared to other higher education institutions.
Top career opportunities
SMC maintains a top international network of corporate relations and placement for its graduates.
Lowest drop-out rates
Highest student atttention, financial flexibility, and quality are a cornerstone of the lowest drop-out rate.
Skills for the future
SMC's courses and higher education programs teach you relevant, sought-after, and future-proof skills.