Ambassador Network

Represent SMC Around the Globe

SMC is looking forward to working with experienced agents who represent our institution in selected international regions. Our work with agents, advisors, counsellors, and consultants is founded on the principle of promoting and ensuring quality, professionalism, and integrity.

At SMC we welcome applications from individuals and corporations who wish to become our ambassadors and cooperate with us in recruiting international students for our distance learning Bachelor-, Master- and Doctorate Degree programs.

Feel free to submit your credentials and documentation to us so that we can assess your qualification as a representative of SMC. You will be contacted by our International Relations Officer in due course in order to discuss your strategy and opportunity. If you qualify to represent SMC as an Ambassador you will be trained on our Values and Principles, as well as our Programs and Services, which you will offer to prospective students and organizations.

Upon completion of the application process, SMC will provide you with an Agency Contract formalizing your responsibilities, as well as your financial compensation.

We Offer

Recognized, career-enhancing programs developed by reputed international experts

Unparalleled Customer Support

Online Training Programs and Certifications

Rewards and Incentives

Social Media Resources

High Commissions

Your Opportunity to Represent a World-Class Product, which Everyone Needs

SMC promotes and develops strong partnerships. We reward and share success with our loyal and committed partners. Successfully Agents have developed and maintained sustainable long-term operations and significant financial results.

The opportunity for ambitious Agents has never been greater than today because our programs are highly demanded and most relevant.

High Demand

In times of the Pandemic traditional education institutions are closed. Learners must switch to distance learning, which is the only possible way of learning today. SMC has more than 20 years of experience and is a global leader in Online Education. We have been successfully educating more than 60.000 students world-wide.

100% Online

Online Learning is the future of education. Students all around the world can study at any time from any place in a safe and convenient environment. A smart phone is all that’s needed.


SMC is government licensed, accredited, and internationally recognized. Thus, no risk for students, graduates, and agents.

Affordable & Best Value

SMC offers affordable tuition fees and payment schedules to its students. Our programs cost less than half compared to other similar programs offered in the U.S. and Europe. On the other hand, SMC offers best-in-class service and attention to its students.

Open Enrollment

Our students can start at any time. We enroll on an ongoing basis.

Fully Flexible

Our students can study at any time from any place in accordance with their preferences, schedule, and commitments. We target all kinds of learners – from working professionals, to housewives or sabbaticals, as well as full-time learners.


SMC is one of the most international higher education institutions. We welcome learners from all over the word. Currently, students from more than 130 different countries are part of the SMC family.

Largest Industry

Education is one of the largest industries in the world. SMC is a prominent participant in this field and has a pole position in the future of education by at the forefront of online learning.

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