Accreditation & Recognition

Institutional Government Accreditation

SMC Education Group is accredited and licensed in the European Union as a Higher Education
Institution (license number 2019-014) by the National Commission for Further and Higher
Education of the Ministry of Education in Malta.

Programmatic Government Accreditation

The following degree programs of SMC Education Group are accredited by the National
Commission for Further and Higher Education and thus recognized internationally.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • International Executive MBA
  • Doctorate of Business Administration

Academic Partnerships

The following programs are validated by UCN, a leading University in the Americas.
Upon successful completion, Graduates receive a degree of UCN:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA in Information Security Management
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • PhD in Management
  • PhD in Finance
  • PhD in Political Economy


SMC is listed as a recognized Higher Education Institution at the IAU. Founded in
1950 under the auspices of UNESCO, the IAU is the leading global association of higher
education institutions and organizations from around the world. The IAU’s World
Higher Education Database is recognized as an official source of information on HEIs
by national higher education authorities, governmental agencies and/or national
academic bodies at global level. Membership is exclusive to Higher Education
Institutions, which are recognized and referenced by their national competent body.

A joint initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, the
ENIC-NARIC Networks direct to up-to-date information supplied and maintained by the
competent bodies in each member country and by each member organization. It is also
its express purpose to help other interested organizations and individuals easily find
information on current issues in international academic and professional mobility, and
on procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications.